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Acid - Maniac CD

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Acid - Maniac CD

This album is basically traditional heavy metal with an injection of Motorhead and punk energy, and it works very well, as the album contains a bunch of fast and energetic heavy metal tracks.

"Max Overload" (or "Max Oferlood" in Flemish-accented English [which certainly makes the charm-o-meter go up) and "No Time" sound like inspired by Motorhead and haev a punky edge to them, while tracks like "Black Car" and "Lucifera" have the same drive as Maiden's "Phantom of the Opera". The remaining tracks are more along the lines of Judas Priest.

All the tracks on this album are rather good, but "Bottoms Up" deserves mention, as it mamages to combine the Motorhead drive with the "phantom of the Opera" drive... and I must say, this is the weirdest drinking song I've ever heard - if you play this in a pub, you can be sure that 30 minutes later the police will show up and close down the place to prevent the bar fight from becoming a city-wide riot. Other than that, it's an effing good track.

This album is recommended to fans of traditional metal and fans of Motorhead. It's really good. So cheers, bottoms up, and take cover.