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Deceased - The Triangle 7"

Deceased - The Triangle 7"

Out now on Nameless Grave Records! Originally, this 7" was intended to accompany the fifth edition of The Highway Corsair magazine; due to delays finishing the mag, it was decided to release this as a standalone. "The Triangle" was recorded live in 2019 and is exclusive to this release.

Unfamiliar with Deceased? No time like the present! They're one of our favorite bands, delivering an uncompromising vision of death metal since the mid-1980s that sees death metal as it was when the band got into it: a world where Venom and Cirith Ungol were as death metal as Possessed, Morbid Angel, or anyone else!

If you want a bandcamp download code and buy from the store just send us an email after you pay and we will send one over.