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Draghkar - Eternal Abyss CD

Draghkar - Eternal Abyss CD

Compilation of all of our released work so far. CD upcoming via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. To individually purchase all of these releases, visit the individual release pages for each- they are all available on vinyl and cassette, and The Endless Howling Abyss is also available on CD.

Artwork and logo: Karmazid
CD layout: Brandon Corsair
Live recording: Sam for Viceroy

Releases compiled:

World Unraveled (Songs 1-3)
Stealing The Keys To Nothingness (from our 7" split with Desekryptor; Song 4)
The Endless Howling Abyss (Songs 5-8)

Bonus tracks are from a live set in Seattle in August, 2018. They are an unedited soundboard mixdown with no overdubs or additional mixing (Songs 9-13).