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Drawn and Quartered - Congregation Pestilence LP

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Drawn and Quartered - Congregation Pestilence LP

Repress out now on Nameless Grave Records! Limited to 500 copies, with 100 on blood splatter vinyl, 100 on red vinyl, 100 on green vinyl, and 200 on classic black wax.

The newest album from Seattle death metal legends Drawn and Quartered! Continuing down the path of mesmerizing, deceptive simplicity, Drawn and Quartered retain their signature heaviness and melodic soloing but work with song structures that are unlike any they've ever had before, with a focus on rhythm changes over nonstop jumping from riff to riff to put out what might just be the most compelling and atmospheric Drawn and Quartered album yet.

For fans of Immolation, Incantation, Dead Congregation.

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