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Dungeon Serpent - World of Sorrows LP

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Dungeon Serpent - World of Sorrows LP


"World of Sorrows" is 5 tracks and 30+ minutes of pure brutal melodic death metal. It is focused with laser precision upon a singular musical idea and goal: to create melodic death metal with a higher emphasis on the traditional death metal elements often neglected by so called melodic “death metal” bands, like blasting drums, lower vocals, and percussive & low morbid tremolo riffs, inspired by bands like ROTTING CHRIST, INTESTINE BAALISM, MI’GAUSS, MOLESTED, VEHEMENCE, EUCHARIST, and SADISTIC INTENT, as well as the earliest works of AMON AMARTH and KATAKLYSM. This disk is 30+ minutes of pure old-school, anti-trend, melodic death metal savagery sure to please any fan of the aforementioned bands.

This is the vinyl pressing, available in three colors: black, ruby, and spring green with silver splatter.

There is no preview available from the plant for the spring green with silver splatter, so it will not go up for sale until it gets here.