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Mad Butcher - Eat the Rat CD

Mad Butcher - Eat the Rat CD

Mad Butcher were one of the first heavy metal pioneers laying the foundation of the amazing German metal scene. Founded back in 1981 as a NWOBHM worship at first, before carving their own niche of highly energetic power/speed metal attack.

What you have here is their early 1983 demo, self-recorded at their rehearsal room and selected local live shows. 70 minutes of energetic hard'n'heavy metal, heavily influenced by current (at the time) NWOBHM bands like Diamond Head, Holocaust, Jaguar, Bitches Sin, Weapon UK, Demon, Satan, Tokyo Blade, as well as Judas Priest, Ted Nugent, early Van Halen, Anvil, Riot, etc.

The demo was not released officially or commercially distributed, but used as showcase for local clubs and festival promoters. So in a way it is a true rarity, a small remnant of a glorious past and a must-have for every die-hard 80s heavy metal maniac.