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Parricide - Accustomed to Illusion CD

Parricide - Accustomed to Illusion CD

For the uninitiated, this prolific five-piece conjured over 16 releases before their demise in 2015, and Accustomed to Illusion was their second full-length album. It is thrashy death metal of the era bristling with youthful energy where speed and energy outweigh technical prowess.

An album definitively of Its era and a times shows its age and influences Parricide endured in their style while their countrymen pursued the edges of extremity. For long-time fans, this is a must-have. Accustomed to Illusion catches the spirit and style of European death metal in the mid-’90s

Recommended if you like: Nuclear Death, Mortician, Vomitory, Deeds of Flesh, Putrid Pile, Putridity, Avulsed, Regurgitate, Cenotaph, Pyrexia, Lividity, General Surgery