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Sacred Outcry - Towers of Gold CD

Sacred Outcry - Towers of Gold CD

Towers of Gold is the second Chapter in The Sacred Chronicles. Written and arranged by George Apalodimas, it is the first album featuring the brand-new line-up of axeman Steve Lado, drummer Defkalion Dimos and the legendary Daniel Heiman behind the mic.

The long-awaited successor to the highly acclaimed debut "Damned for All Time" was fine-tuned to perfection by the band and masterfully mixed & mastered by Steve Lado in SL Studio, Greece.

"Towers of Gold" is a full concept album directly tied to the golden age of late '90s and early '00s power metal, fused with the legendary '80s US metal scene, where Warlord meets Blind Guardian and Manowar joins Lost Horizon on a mystical journey through ten chapters of dark, epic power metal.