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Smoulder - Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring LP

Smoulder - Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring LP

"Remember that scene in The Return of the King when Éowyn whips her helmet off, snarls “I am no man!” and blows up the Witch-king of Angmar’s fucking head? Smoulder’s debut album sounds the way that scene feels. Its six tracks of chugging, solo-ripping vocal-soaring capital-m Metal both pay loving tribute to the history of epic doom and inject new life (and tons of catchiness) into the genre’s most niche-and-nerdy caverns. Somewhere in the Halls of Mandos, Ronnie James Dio smiles on these Canadian upstarts. " - Decibel Magazine, Top 40 of 2019

"What we’ve got here is metal of the dragon-slaying, ass-kicking, stick-to-your-ribs variety, packed full of solos that cleave and chug, vocals that glide and soar, and arrangements that stampede on and on miles." - Bandcamp Daily; This Week’s Essential Releases

The band is brilliant.. sounding as comfortable playing at an Iron Maiden gallop as they are at a Candlemass crawl." - Bandcamp Daily; The Best Metal on Bandcamp April 2019

"Canadian newcomers Smoulder play one of my favorite traditional metal varietals: epic doom, of the sort we rarely hear performed at this level, except by cult acts like Atlantean Kodex, Reverend Bizarre, Scald, and Solstice." - Stereogum

"Let’s say there are two types of bands inspired by Black Sabbath: the kind that love Ozzy Osbourne’s drugged out “Sweet Leaf”, and the kind that like Ronny James Dio’s epic “Sign of the Southern Cross.” OK, there’s way more than two types of bands that mine that creative vein, but the point is, Toronto’s Smoulder are the latter." - Consequence of Sound

"Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring brings to mind epic doom outfits like Gates of Slumber and Khemmis. Whereas those acts just used mythological trappings, though, Smoulder don’t hesitate to go full fantasy." - MetalSucks