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Spirit Possession - Spirit Possession CD

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 Spirit Possession -  Spirit Possession CD

SPIRIT POSSESSION is a new raw and erratic black heavy metal entity emerging from the old school origin depths. They are a duo comprised of vocalist/guitarist S. Peacock (Ulthar, Mastery, Pandiscordin Necrogenesis) and A. Spungin (Ormus, Tarus) on drums and handmade synthesizers. SPIRIT POSSESSION’s approach to their singular style of raw schizophrenic angular spiraling black metal explodes with razor thrashing guitars, blistering drum violence, commanding torturous vocals, and apocalyptic harsh noise. The self-titled SPIRIT POSSESSION debut album encompasses the avant-garde nonconformist aura of the black metal outliers of the ‘90s and early ‘00s while pushing the thresholds of forward-thinking underground heavy metal. Through seven serpentine-like tracks, SPIRIT POSSESSION’s debut reveals uncompromising brutal filth draped in First Wave blood, when the classic era of heavy/black/thrash/death naturally congealed in their original primitive form. The result being an aberration of archaic swarming chaos.